The Dutchess And Her Mane Pt.2

(11th Mar 2010)

A week later though I became frustrated, I couldn’t get to my hair (as she sew on the instant weave) and I just wanted to cut it off, along with those horrid relaxed ends of mine once and for all – so I did. My hairdresser was quite keen, and began bragging about how she “turns all of her clients natural” I giggled along with her, not wanting to say I was doing it because I don’t like my hair falling out.

Then the snips came… and the hair went… I was partially mortified, but masked it well by saying “Oh, wow, it’s a lot longer that I was expecting it to be! Hee-hee….” With that I stuffed that afro weave back onto my head and dashed out. When I arrived home I jumped in the shower and rubbed my hands over the inch long hairs atop my head. These were sad times people… sad times indeed. However my spirits were lifted when the conditioner on my hair gave this strange reaction – my hair, was… curly! Dazed and confused I happily continued washing my hair. This was the point where I decided I want to see these curls/waves/imposters at their longest and strongest.

My hair mission has begun. Bring. It. ON!


~ by The Tales Of Duke Wittington and Dutchess Merry Weather on June 25, 2010.

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