The Duchess And Her Mane. Pt. 6

(Mar 2010)

So had the rest of that big chop last night. The chop consisted of reverting my hair with a water spray bottle, then chopping off the random spriggly ends with scissors.

I wasn’t very impressed with the spiky tufts left by the scissors so I had my mum go get the clippers, attach a No 8 comb to it (1 inch) then rake it over my in head, in the fashion one can only describe as mowing a lawn. When she was done and satisfied with her creation, I was pleased that my head resembled that of a microphone fresh from the box – well done mum!

Currently wearing a protective style, much to the confusion of my work colleagues as I was sporting a Diana Ross afro for the last two weeks and now I have this slick bone straight instant weave in.


~ by The Tales Of Duke Wittington and Dutchess Merry Weather on June 25, 2010.

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